Purify your body from

the inside out with

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy promises health and renewed vitality through clearing the accumulated toxins and poisons from the colon. We use a high tech closed system where there is no smell or sound.  Our patients are attended to and massaged during the treatment. You will feel refreshed and revitalised after this treatment – with a feeling of renewed wellness

Due to our modern diets, increased stress and toxic lifestyles, our digestive systems don’t always function as well as they should. It’s not unusual for an average person to be carrying around a few kilos of compacted toxic waste in their plumbing (small pockets sometimes for years).

When left in your system these toxins are re-absorbed through the delicate intestinal wall, and re-circulated through the body. Over and over again. Colon hydrotherapy is the ultimate internal spring clean. It is, simply, the purification of the body from the inside out.

Bloating and Bacteria

A toxic, acidic bowel will encourage the fermentation of yeast and the incubation of parasites. A clean bowel will encourage the colonisation of the ‘friendly’ bacteria and intestinal flora necessary for good digestive health.


It is not uncommon for people to become bloated from ‘trapped’ gases in the colon (caused by diet, toxicity, microbial imbalances).

Colon hydrotherapy can help to move this gas, alleviate bloating, and promote the colonisation of the ‘friendly’ bacteria that keep your insides balanced and help to prevent future bloating.

What Does Colon Hydrotherapy Entail?

A small, disposable tube is gently inserted into the rectum, and filtered water trickles into the colon. This water hydrates the colon and stimulates the body’s own peristaltic action, encouraging the colon to empty itself naturally. 


Our closed system is completely hygienic, with the added reassurance your therapist is a trained and experienced specialist.


By your side throughout the therapy, your therapist may perform gentle abdominal massage to enhance the results of your session.

What To Expect During Colon Hydrotherapy

The following list entails what to expect during your colon hydrotherapy session.

  • Waste is captured and released

  • Pain free process

  • 35-50 minute session

  • Closed system, completely hygienic

  • Filtered and sterilised water

  • Disposable single use speculums

  • Trained therapist constantly monitoring

  • Private spa environment

  • Implants of probiotics / alkaline water / chlorophyll are available

Clean, Safe and Gentle:

The Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

We have meticulous standards: sterilised, single use, disposable kits for each session; all water entering your body is filtered and sterilised; and all waste water is captured within a totally closed hygienic system.

Each session lasts between 35 and 50 minutes. Your session with occur in a private spa room with an experienced therapist who appreciates the sensitivity of the treatment and will help put you at ease.


Colon Irrigation is a gentle and natural method of hydrating the colon, clearing it of built up waste and trapped gas, and training the bowel to eliminate more efficiently. After your treatment, you will be feeling clean, light and revitalised.

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Ultimate Detox

Common complaints of headaches, fatigue or nausea during a detox program are due to a toxic overload on the liver and organs. Including a colon hydrotherapy session in your detox program can help to eliminate these toxins quickly, preventing them from recirculating and keeping you feeling on top of your game.

Colon hydrotherapy may help:

  • Acne and skin problems

  • Allergies and irritability

  • Bad breath (halitosis)

  • Candida and constipation

  • Haemorrhoids

  • Indigestion and irritable bowel

  • Immune system

  • Weight problems

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