Clinical Nutrition For Healthy And Permanent Weight Loss

At Surfside Health we are at the cutting edge in clinical nutrition science and naturopathic treatments for weight loss. We design clinical nutrition programs that will give each individual patient the long-term weight and nutrition goals they need to optimise their health and wellness. We combine our programs and treatments to assist you in your quest for the healthiest possible weight you can achieve, and make sure we give you the tools to maintain it for life.

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Our body weight is made up of fat, muscle, cellular fluids (inside and outside of the cells) and other miscellaneous tissues such as bone mass and connective tissue. We measure these parameters with VLA bio-impedance science. We can give you a clear test result that will be our guide throughout the program as you achieve your ideal weight and health goals.

We design a program and advise you on how to eliminate the toxins and cellular fluid problems that so often occur during ‘toxic’ weight loss programs and after weight gain.

Our environment is toxic - we ingest toxins form the air, water, and from foods that we eat. We all need to regularly detox our bodies and repair them in order to stay healthy. At Surfside Health, we have detoxification programs that will very quickly get you feeling great again. Regular detoxification will make it easier to maintain your weight. It will also accelerate weight loss due to increased cellular vitality. Furthermore, detoxification will allow adipose tissue, or “fat cells”, to let go of the toxic fat and shrink to normal size again.


We will provide you with the tools to navigate the confusing maze of proper nutrition. We will develop a healthy eating program customised to your needs, and provide recipes that are easy, quick and highly nutritious.


We will advise you on how to eat out at restaurant and functions while still achieving your goals. What’s more, we will provide invaluable support to help you continue on your journey to building a healthier life.


The right nutrition will leave you satiated and your appetite centres will be normalised if you adhere to the program given to you. It can help you lose the weight, and keep it off. 


Life has become so great for many of our patients. We love to see you get well!


Our patients have found that a few simple changes in their eating, some brilliant herbs and nutrients, a few relaxing and enjoyable treatments, and a new found discipline from combined effort was all they needed to find the health and wellness they desired. 


The combination of treatments, programs and Enagic Kangen Water ® ultimately helps you to live your best life.

When you change your subconscious, you’re changing yourself from the inside out. When you do that…

  • YOU CAN easily release any hidden issues that are holding you back

  • YOU CAN easily free yourself from the constant thoughts of food and the feeling of deprivation

  • YOU CAN easily eliminate any bad habits, and acquire new, healthy ones

  • YOU CAN easily boost self esteem and self confidence to new found heights

  • YOU CAN enjoy never ending motivation to achieve you weight loss goals

  • YOU CAN shed kilos effortlessly, and keep it off permanently

  • YOU CAN transform your life, and start living the best life you deserve

There is so much more than just your diet that will give you the accelerated, permanent and healthy weight management you seek!


We have treatments such as colon hydrotherapy, Frequency Specific Micro-current Therapy (FSMT), private exercise/training/yoga tuition and naturopathic prescriptive herbs and nutrients tailored for your individual metabolic needs.


Like one of the greatest gastroenterologists in the world, Dr. Hirome Shinya, we recommend all our patients drink Enagic Kangen Water ® which will alkalise, hydrate, ionise, oxygenate and hydrate your whole body and mind.


When you see that the water you are drinking is acidic, dense, and heavy - unable to penetrate your cell walls and full of oxidative potential - you will want one of these machines urgently installed in your home.


People who drink just a few glasses of this water can feel it working instantly; giving them a feeling of wellness they have often forgotten or perhaps never even known.


We can also help you deal with depression and stress disorders that may be hindering your efforts to reach happy levels of wellness.


For all of this and much more, cONTACT US to start your journey today.